26 March, 2o20: MEDIA STATEMENT

Uncle Angus Buchan released a media statement earlier today which confirmed he and his wife had tested positive for Covid-19. They are both in good health and show no symptoms of the virus. Please see the advice issued by the National Department of Health: ADVICE FROM THE NATIONAL DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH: If you feel you have been exposed to COVID-19, or are showing slight symptoms, please avoid contact with other people in your community and self-isolate. If you feel you are ill and need non-urgent medical care, call your doctor to ask how to be tested. They will need to follow certain steps to get you the specific care you need. If you are feeling very ill and need care immediately, call your emergency services or go to the emergency department. When seeking care, follow these steps: - Call your healthcare facility and tell them that you have, or are being evaluated for, COVID-19. - Put on a face mask before you enter the healthcare facility- if you have a cough. - Your healthcare professional is not required to inform the NCID when they do a test. Instead, the testing lab will send the results through to the NCID. You can also save the DPOH helpline Whatsapp number on your phone and send a message "hi" - then follow the menu instructions. The number is +27 60 012 3456. Stay safe during this Lockdown and our PRAYERS are with the entire world.

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The date for 2021 to be confirmed. Follow our Facebook page for updates.

Farm Mooi Uitsig, Jeffreys Bay

Mighty Men Jeffrey's Bay is an annual Conference that takes place over a weekend from the Friday - Sunday. The conference welcomes day visitors and is hugely popular with campers who pitch their tents for the weekend. All are welcome. The Sunday is a FREE family service and no ticket is required on this day.

Our conference involves a number of guest speakers who are invited to come and share their own testimonies and to bring us a message. Each guest speaker session is preceded by praise and worship with a live band. Various food and beverage stalls are available during the conference, however you are welcome to bring your own. A designated braai area is available for campers as well as cold water showers.


Uncle Angus Buchan
Guest Speaker

2020 Promo

2020 Promo

2020 Promo

Freek Vermaak
Guest Speaker

Neville Goldman
Guest Speaker

Johnny Louw
Guest Speaker

Franna Benadé
Praise & Worship Leader 2020

2019 Conference Highlights #1 (Duration 2:54)

2019 Conference Highlights #2 (Duration 2:37)

Why are attendees required to purchase tickets for the conference?

As a registered NPO (Non Profit Organization), we rely heavily on the generosity of others for funding.  Ticket sales help to cover  a small percentage of costs.  Examples of expenses include the hire of event security, permits, traffic department regulations, sound systems, screens, agricultural equipment in order to mulch/ clear camping areas, water pipes, various building materials, laying water pipes, erecting fencing, materials for fencing, installation of septic tanks for permanent toilets, hiring of a stage, language translators and more.

We aim to improve and upgrade facilities for attendees as funding becomes available each year. These upgrades include projects such as the erection of permanent bathroom/toilet facilities which will save costs compared to hiring temporary facilities each year. We are also expanding the camping area, installing solar lighting and more. It is our heart's desire to remove the need to charge for tickets as soon as possible.

Tickets for the next conference cost R50 per person and includes unlimited entry with an optional camping spot. Camping spots cannot be reserved and are provided on a first come, first served basis. The Sunday morning service is  FREE  for the entire family (men, women and children). NO ticket is required for the Sunday service.

We hope to see you there! If you are planning to attend remember to bring a chair, hat, sunscreen and (as our event is hosted on a farm) some TICK REPELLENT such as 'Peaceful Sleep' which is quite effective.


Partnership with PEFM

We are privileged to inform you that we have partnered with PE FM in ENSURING THAT THE MESSAGE and GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST will reach all those who need to hear it.

and one for the ladies!
Women's Conference